poet. educator. fan.


po·et / ˈpōət / noun

  1. a person who writes poems.
    • a person possessing special powers of imagination or expression.

nin·ja / ˈninjə / noun

  1. a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.

Luke Johnson is an award nominated poet and content creator who lives on the California coast with his wife and three kids. His poems can be found or forthcoming in Kenyon Review, Narrative Magazine, The Florida Review, Nimrod, Tinderbox, Greensboro Review, The American Journal of Poetry, The Asheville Poetry Review and Connotation Press among others. He is the co-founder of Fansmanship.com and additional sports content has been featured on Bleacher Report, The Sportster and Campus Sports. He is completing his MFA in Poetry at Sierra Nevada College.